We've been shooting narrative movies since 2018 in one form or another.
We cross genres and focus on alternative storylines.
Stories that range from the ridiculous to the sublime.
We try and aim so much higher than the budgets we have in a bid to
separate ourselves from the crowd of low budget filmmakers.


A homeless woman (Kate) hears about a house where the owner died suddenly.
She decides to break in in search of food and a warm place to stay out of the winter night.
As she settles in things turn dark for her.

Betty Anyika

AMOS 3:5

A request arrives for an exorcist who has been mysteriously recalled to the Vatican.
A young inexperienced priest with a murky past must take on this challenge for the first time.
The stakes are higher than just an innocent man's soul.

Jackson Hayes, Sheridan Sinclair and Catherine Grimehilde



Annie was created as a proof of concept for a short film.
It was a lighting test and screen test for actors.
It turned out rather nice we think.

Andrea Clark, Kirk Mannering and Bex Mannering.


An absurd mockumentary comedy about humans in relationships with trees.
They seem to have very normal problems considering they are lusting after birch and oak.

Jackson Hayes who some may know as Josh Strife Hayes on YouTube along with an ensemble cast including...
Sheridan Sinclair, Bex Mannering, Kirk Mannering, Andrea Clark & Danny Patrick


One of the first films we made back in 2019.
The short was filmed in just a few hours one day when a couple of actors had nothing much to do and we came up with a concept on the day.

Kath Oakden and Gary Measures.